Specialty Cards & Programs

The Master Business Card Program

Before you order your Business Cards consider this...

If you use 10,000 or more business cards a year,
or your card has an intricate or multi-colored logo,
then the Master Card Program can save you money!

The basic design and information that remains constant is
preprinted on your business card.
This includes logos requiring foil or embossing,
special inks or inks in registration - all processes
that require special charges.

With the Master Card Program, the special charges that
would normally be added each time you place an order will
now apply only once.

The minimum quantity for Master Card runs is as low as
10,000. The personalized imprints can then be ordered
in quantities of 250, 500 or 1,000.

Your preprinted Master Cards are left uncut and stored
for later imprinting with an individualís personal
information. Cards are then trimmed and boxed for
individual orders. This allows you to order cards for
more than on person at a time.

Specialty Cards Include:

Flat Printing
Customer Stock
Special Inks
Foil Embossing
Three Color Cards
Value Four Color Processing
Deluxe Four Color Processing
Portrait Style (Photo Quality)
Full Bleed
Plastic Business Cards
Magnetic Business Cards
File Cards
Die Cutting
Foil Stamping
Post Cards (Photo Quality)

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