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Inreach Retailer

Internet Service Provider.

Armstrong Creations

is a
Inreach Communications Retailer.

We have all the software to get you started.

InReach’s FREE Internet Connection Kit is the fastest and
easiest way to “Reach the Internet!”
It is available on diskettes or on a CD-ROM
for Window's 95, Windows 3.1 or Macintosh
Packed with bonus software.
This statewide network can bring the Internet to your
business or organization.

Along with the Internet service comes:
Local dial-up access to more than 97% of California!
Save money by dialing local access numbers.
No toll or long distance phone calls ever!

Send Email
Browse the World Wide Web
Chat online
With unrestricted access to the entire Internet
You can go anywhere, for as long as you want, all for one low
Monthly Rate!

You also receive absolutely FREE:

10 Meg of FREE Hard Drive space
for your Personal or Business website.
The Highest Speed Available
(56X2 KBPS modems)
Online Chat
Kali Game Server
Local Forums
Free Software & Shareware
to Download
Toll FREE Technical Support directly from InReach
FREE Customer Support from Armstrong Creations!

Reach the Internet Book
This book provides a valuable introduction to the Internet
Tips on what to do online, and is a great resource for
New and Experienced Internet users alike
a $12.95 value, yours absolutely FREE!

More Value for your Internet dollar
Best of all, you get the entire Internet for one flat fee.
There are NO hourly charges,
NO expensive online service fees,
NO surprises.
After a one-time setup fee of $19.95
you pay just $19.95 a month for unlimited use!

In keeping customers up-to-date with the newest technology
you will also receive a monthly news letter with new and
exciting Internet information.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
InReach is so sure that you will love our superior Internet
Service that we offer a 30 day money-back guarantee!
If you are not completely satisfied, cancel for a full refund.
The book and software will be yours to keep.


If you sign-up with Armstrong Creations
We will design a basic Personalized web page loaded with
links to Internet search engines - FREE,
after your first 30 days of service!
A $65.00 Value!

To receive your FREE Internet Connection Kit
including all the special bonus offers
email us or call (916) 686-6231 and sign up TODAY!

Email inquiries will receive
a quick response.

You can also contact InReach Internet direct by calling
or clicking the “InReach” button
and go directly to their SECURED sign-up site and using the
Registration code of ARMST

InReach sign-up site

Sample of FREE Basic Web Site Design.