Authorization / Approval Agreement Form
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Please make sure approval form is completed in FULL, including: your name, phone number and project description.

Please read this agreement contract carefully, as signing this will be considered that you completely understand all stipulations of the contract. A complete authorization form will help shorten any delays.

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Project Description: (House address, if applicable)
Quantity of prints confirmation:

By signing this contract you are approving this pending project to go to print as the customer or authorized party, and agree with all the terms of authorization. Signed authorization releases Armstrong Creations from any Liability, Fines, Penalties, Arbitration, etc., that may occur from this project.

Furthermore, upon signed approval to go to print, Armstrong Creations is no longer responsible for any project with any possible overlooked corrections, modifications, errors, etc., found on the completed project. All payments are due in full upon order of any order. Returned checks will be charged a minimum of $25.00 penalty fee, plus all bank charges. Checks will not be accepted as form of payment on any future orders. Customer is responsible for ALL expenses required on the part of Armstrong Creations to receive any payments due. If termination or cancellation of project is requested, customer is responsible for any or all portions of project already in progress. If changes are requested after authorization has been signed customer is responsible for any or all portions of the project in progress. New charges may apply and a new authorization will be required to continue with the project. If this authorization is received in any form of electronic transaction, it will be considered as a signed and authorized agreement, with the same stipulations as mentioned above, to continue with printing production of pending project.

Customer Signature:                Date:

Authorized Party:                    Date:

Any modifications made to pending project before going to print are mentioned below:

Armstrong Creations will modify the pending project with any above mentioned information and go directly to print. These additional modifications may accrue additional charges. Waving the right to view new sample with these additional modifications will still be considered an authorization agreement according to the above mention stipulations, and Armstrong Creations is not responsible for any misunderstanding of above mentioned comments on modifications.

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